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Sims Calls Out Phony Savings in Rauner’s $7.2 Billion Out-of-Balance Budget


NEWS… from the Office of State Rep. Elgie Sims FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION: March 7, 2017 State Rep. Elgie Sims 773-783-8800
Sims Calls Out Phony Savings in Rauner’s $7.2 Billion Out-of-Balance Budget

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – more than $7 billion out-of-balanced, would add billions more to state debt than previously reported, and relies on a series of phony savings and exaggerated projections said state Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago. , smoke and mirrors designed to distract us failure to do his jobbudget tricks and schemes to burden hard-working middle class families with more taxes and debt are is more than $7 billion out of balance. His proposal means a $7 billion tax hike on middle-class families, and more debt that will paid by our children and grandchildren

by-line. Their analysis has revealed billions of dollars in exaggerated savings and misleading projections on top of a reported $4.6 more than $7.2 billion out of relies on phantom savings from a pension cost-cutting scheme that could actually cost taxpayers more of their hard-earned -called savings also include a massive property tax increase on families.

This is not the first time Rauner introduced a budget that would burden families with billions of dollars in new , even if his proposed cuts to health care for vulnerable citizens, higher education and local services were passed into law.

-working class agenda than The governor is kicking the can down the road and is putting his billionaire allies and corporate elites ahead of middle class families and future generations. The governor needs to immediately reconvene the bipartisan budget working group and work with legislators to craft a real,