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Sims Statement on Budget Veto Override


Statement… from the Illinois House of Representatives FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FOR MORE INFORMATION: July 6, 2017 State Rep. Elgie Sims 773-783-8800
Sims Statement on Budget Veto Override

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, issued the following statement after House Democrats and Republicans voted to enact a bipartisan balanced budget Thursday:

“For far too long, our state has suffered and members of our most vulnerable communities have gone without the services and programs they need because of inaction from the governor. My vote to override the governor’s ill-conceived veto is a vote to help our state get back on track and moving in the right direction. Doing what is right and making the tough decision is not always easy but I refuse to let the state of Illinois be destroyed because of the Rauner budget crisis.”

“My colleagues, both Republicans and Democrats, worked together to pass a fair and balanced budget that cuts billions of dollars in state spending while protecting the critical services that Illinois residents rely on. Our bipartisan budget ensures that millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share and closes loopholes big corporations use to rig the system. In ending the Rauner budget crisis, our plans protects middle-class and struggling families by expanding tax credits that will help families keep more of what they earn.

“In addition to passing a bipartisan budget plan, House Democrats went even farther to compromise with the governor on his non-budgetary demands. We passed legislation that would consolidate local governments, reform our pension system, and improve our state’s workers compensation system. We’ve given the governor 90 percent of what he wants, but Rauner continues to put his political agenda ahead of our state’s future.

“My support for this bipartisan budget is an effort to end this Rauner budget crisis so we can begin healing the wounds of the last three years by putting our state’s financial well-being first.”