Press Release

Sims Urges Budget Resolution in Reaction to State of the State


CHICAGO - State Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, released the following statement today in reaction to the State of the State address delivered by Governor Rauner:

“I am deeply disappointed in Governor Bruce Rauner’s unwillingness to compromise and work towards a resolution on the state budget. This past year should have shown the governor that we can’t make a budget without bipartisan agreement, but instead, he insists on holding social services hostage to get his way.

“Meals and healthcare for seniors on fixed incomes, grants that allow low-income students to attend college, support for the homeless, and care for sexual assault victims shouldn’t be sacrificed. None of these items are frivolous, and the pain that is caused without them is very real. Our first priority for this year should be restoring these social services.

“As a state, we need to move forward. We must stand as a community to protect our most vulnerable residents, at the same time that we devise realistic solutions to fund these needs. It’s time for our Governor to realize that the budget impasse has a real impact on the lives of many people in our state. When he does, I am ready to work with all sides to find the resolution that these families are calling for.”