Press Release

Join State Rep. Elgie Sims’ Call for an Elected Chicago Public School Board!


Sims , Flowers Ask Residents to Join Fight for an Elected Representative Chicago School Board
and Sign Petition

CHICAGO – State Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, and state Rep. Mary Flowers, D-Chicago, are announcing their effort to gain community support for an elected representative school board for Chicago Public Schools (CPS) by launching a petition drive throughout the community.

“It’s time to take action and give a voice to the people that are served by CPS, and I invite every Chicago resident to join me in the fight for an elected school board by signing the petition demanding their voices be heard,” Sims said. “The vast majority of school districts in our state are elected, and that’s because an elected school board provides accountability to board members and encourages them to pursue policies that best serve as a voice for the families of the community.”
Currently, the seven CPS school board members are all appointed by the mayor. The legislation backed by Sims and Flowers would install an elected school board consisting of 13 members from four different areas of Chicago. During the spring 2015 municipal election, almost 90 percent of Chicago voters were in favor of an elected representative school board. Under the bill, board members will serve four year terms before standing for reelection. If passed, the first Chicago election for school board will take place on March 15, 2016.

Sims and Flowers will be sending out petitions through the mail that residents are encouraged to sign and return. Additionally, online petitions are available at

“The people of Chicago have spoken, and now it is our turn to be responsive and get it done,” Flowers said. “This is just one step in a larger effort to ensure that we get CPS back on the track to success. The status quo has failed us so far.”

For more information about the fight to elect Chicago’s school board, or any state issue, please call Sims’ full time constituent service office at 773-783-8800 or Flowers at 773-471-5200.