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Rep. Sims' Legislation Update


Rep. Sims continues to advance legislation that puts families and communities first, by improving that quality of our schools, creating good jobs for working families and making our communities safe. Below is a summary of some the legislation Rep. Sims is sponsoring this session:

HB 5668: Creates the Youth Unemployment Task Force. In an effort to address the crisis of youth unemployment in the State of Illinois, this task force will create strategies to reduce unemployment among young people, particularly in communities of color.

HB 5566: To address the more than $1 trillion in debt college students are facing upon their graduation from college, Rep. Sims is calling for the creation of College Affordability strategies and policies to keep Illinois colleges and universities more affordable for Illinois students.

HB 5570: Currently, thousands of High-Skilled Manufacturing jobs are going unfilled; to better prepare our students to compete in this arena, Rep. Sims is working with the State Board of Education and partners in the business community to the develop a curriculum that will be used in vocational education programs to better prepare our students for this highly competitive area.

HB 5572: To ensure law enforcement and communities are able to identify and monitor high-risk offenders, Rep. Sims is seeking the creation of the Sex Offenses and Sex Offender Registration Task Force.

HB 5613: This legislation creates the Law Enforcement Information Technology Task Force, to analyze, study and make recommendations regarding the criminal discovery process and information sharing by law enforcement agencies.