Press Release

Sims Votes to Avoid Government Shutdown through Temporary Budget


…from the Illinois House of Representatives
July 2, 2015 State Rep. Elgie Sims

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, voted on Wednesday in favor of legislation funding essential state services through the month of July, but not enough of his colleagues joined him to allow this measure to pass.

“We have a responsibility to support Illinois’ most vulnerable citizens in spite of the disagreements between the legislature and the governor,” Sims said. “The idea behind this stop-gap budget is to avoid a full government shutdown that would have tragic consequences for the thousands of Illinoisans that depend on basic services provided by the state.”

House Bill 4091’s ‘essential services budget’ would have sent $2.25 billion in support of core government services including home healthcare for seniors, Medicaid patients, veterans’ homes, the state police and tracking for sex offenders.

“This temporary budget offers a way for the Legislature and the governor to continue negotiations toward a compassionate, responsible budget without placing the lives of thousands of Illinois families at risk,” Sims said. “I’m disappointed that the governor and my colleagues from the Republican Party chose to place politics and an extreme agenda before the people of Illinois.”

House Bill 4091 did not receive the required 71 votes for passage from the House.