Press Release

Rep. Sims Announces 99th General Assembly Committee Assignments


CHICAGO, IL – State Rep. Elgie Sims (D-Chicago) on Friday announced he will serve on six House committees during the 99th General Assembly including serving as Chairman of the Illinois House Judiciary – Criminal Law Committee. Serving on these committees will give Sims an opportunity to tackle a number of important issues on behalf of local residents.

“I am very eager to serve on these committees and address the issues that are important to the residents of the 34th district,” Sims said. “These committees give me a chance to work on a wide variety of issues that have a direct impact throughout my district, and will also allow me to help residents throughout Chicago, Will and Kankakee counties.”

Sims’s committee assignments for the 99th General Assembly include: Business Occupational Licenses, Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies, Higher Education, Judiciary – Criminal (Chairperson), Revenue & Finance and Transportation: Regulation, Roads & Bridges Committees. These committees reflect a broad range of issues central to the community Sims represents. He is looking forward to working for his constituents in these committees to make sure they continue to have a strong voice in Springfield.

“The committee process is one of the first steps proposed legislation has to take in order to potentially become law,” Sims said. “It is where the substance of the bill gets debated and allows measures to be fine-tuned before being sent to the full House for consideration. I encourage all residents of our district to share their thoughts and concerns with me on any issues that are most important to them. I look forward to continue advocating for them on their behalf.”

Sims represents the 34th Illinois House District, which includes portions of the South Side of Chicago, Chicago’s south suburbs, and Will and Kankakee counties. For more information, please call (773) 783-8800.