Press Release

Sims-Backed Medicaid Expansion Legislation Signed into Law


CHICAGO, IL – Legislation to help provide equal access to affordable health care, sponsored by state Rep. Elgie Sims, D-Chicago, was signed in to law Monday. Senate Bill 741 helps to preserve more than $2 billion in state and federal dollars covering residents that need it most.

“No one should be denied their right to medical care,” Sims said. “Restoring critical funding for Medicaid will help to connect people with the services that they need to live healthy lives and will save taxpayer dollars in the long run. Signing this measure brings us closer to our goal of providing quality health care for every Illinois resident, regardless of their economic status.”

Senate Bill 741 preserves $2 billion in assessment funding and another $400 million in federal funding for hospitals statewide that serve some of the poorest communities. This legislation also provides coverage for some of the most vulnerable patients, including children with cancer, on ventilators or in need of specialized care. It also covers speech and occupational therapy for people that are recovering from strokes. The Poison Control Center, which received almost 80,000 calls last year, many of which assisted children age 5 and under who were exposed to potentially harmful materials, will receive $2 million for operational costs.

“It is our responsibility to prioritize the health of low-income families that are most in need of care, and our response to that need is a reflection of our state as a whole,” Sims said. “During these difficult economic times, we have to safeguard programs that people rely on, especially when the health and well-being of our communities depend on them. By taking advantage of this opportunity for federal matching dollars, and streamlining funding to improve services, we can provide the quality care that people need and deserve to have.”

Sims represents the 34th Illinois House District, which includes portions of the South Side of Chicago, Chicago’s south suburbs, and Will and Kankakee counties. For more information, please call (773) 783-8800.