Press Release

Rep. Sims Highlights Achievements at the conclusion of his Second Legislative Session


SPRINGFIELD, IL – On Friday, State Representative Elgie Sims (D-Chicago) concluded his second legislative session where he sponsored and supported legislative measures aimed at creating jobs, providing much-needed funding for schools and preventing voter discrimination.

“This spring the General Assembly had to make some very tough decisions, but in the end I believe we passed a responsible budget that prevents severe cuts,” Sims said. “The measures we passed will be crucial to creating and retaining jobs in our community and helping our state’s economy recover as our income tax rate is set to start rolling back.”

With so many schools in the 34th district seeing larger class sizes, teacher layoffs, and school funding squeezed by the needs of other critical state services, Sims sponsored a plan that would send more needed funding to our schools by taking the burden off middle-class families and requiring millionaires to pay their fair share through a 3 percent surcharge on income earned over $1 million. House Bill 3816 is currently awaiting the Governor’s signature.

Sims also believes the freedom to participate in the democratic process is the most basic right of all citizens, which is why he sponsored a constitutional amendment to make sure no Illinois citizen can be prevented from voting based on race, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation. House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 52 has been adopted by the General Assembly.

To help make the car leasing process more affordable and attainable for Illinoisans, Sims sponsored House Bill 2317 (Public Act 98-0628) to now require lessors to only pay the 6.25% sales tax on the value of their lease contract (currently the value of the vehicle). Additionally, it eliminates the use of customer and dealer trade-in credits in lease transactions.

“One of my top priorities is to keep working on ways that our state can help stimulate our economy, while at the same time helping both consumers and business owners alike,” Sims said. “This new law will do both, by allowing our state to build upon the already established auto-dealers and encouraging more Illinois consumers to consider leasing a vehicle.”

With the adjournment of the spring legislative session, Sims will now return to the 34th district to begin engaging local families, organizations and community leaders in the state legislative process. Sims will be hosting a Summit of Hope on Thursday, June 6, in the Field House at South Suburban College to help provide ex-offenders with information regarding their transition back into the community. He will also be walking door-to-door talking with community members about ways to improve the state and asking for ways to eliminate wasteful government spending.

For questions or concerns regarding state-related issues or for more information on upcoming events, please contact Sims full-time constituent service office at (773) 783-8800. Sims represents portions of the South Side of Chicago, Chicago’s south suburbs, and Will and Kankakee counties.